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Save Our Mountains is dedicated to
preserving the mountains, canyons,
and alluvial fans which create the
unique setting of Palm Springs.


Measure B: The Mountain Preservation Initiative

The citizen's petition to qualify the Mountain Preservation Initiative for the ballot was approved in 2004 and a special election was held in March 2005. The Initiative called for rezoning the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, foothills, and alluvial fans to 1 unit per 40 acres. After a contentious battle, involving more than $600,000 spent by developers to confuse voters in a successful advertising campaign, Measure B failed by a vote of 46% to 54%.

Measure C: The Palm Hills Referendum

This citizen-led petition to refer the Palm Springs City Council's approval of a massive resort complex in the Santa Rosa Mountains to Palm Springs' voters, also qualified for the ballot in 2004. In the March 2005 special election, citizen's voted to reverse the Council's approval 62 to 38 percent. The Palm Hills Development Corporation must now submit a new development proposal if they wish to proceed with their project.


The Shadowrock project originally consisted of an 18-hole golf course, a spa/fitness/tennis facility, 135 single-family and luxury estate homes, and a 270-unit lodge facility consisting of a 60-unit hotel building, 10 luxury bungalows and 200 luxury condominiums. It continues to entail construction of an "18-hole golf course, clubhouse, hotel/resort, future residential use, and a reservoir site on 347.67 acres." The golf course, by itself, would span the canyon from toe-of-slope to toe-of-slope on both sides of Tramway road and would involve grading of "370,000 cubic yards of earth cut, about 350,000 cubic yards of earth fill, and about 280,000 cubic yards of import fill."

On May 18,
Save Our Mountains began raising funds and had counsel begin drafting the Petitions to require a Referendum on the City Council's decision. By May 22, the Petitions were on the street.

Citizens voted overwhelmingly against the Shadowrock project.

As a result of the efforts of
Save Our Mountains, the developer needs to start over and a new Development Agreement needs to be created that better protects this incredible natural resource.

PO Box 891
Palm Springs, CA 92263-0891


Executive Committee:
Jono Hildner, Chair
Joan Taylor
Jeff Morgan
Greg Day
Chuck Nisbit

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