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Save Our Mountains is dedicated to
preserving the mountains, canyons,
and alluvial fans which create the
unique setting of Palm Springs.

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The 'Friends' acquire
Shadowrock land !

The grassroots preservation group The Friends of Palm Springs Mountains is in the process of acquiring 352 acres of open space at the entrance to Palm Springs, in the area formally known as Shadowrock.

photo credit: Pete Dangermond

This latest acquisition represents an important milestone in a decade-long process to acquire and conserve key habitat for the Peninsular bighorn sheep and scenic open space at the entryway to Palm Springs.

Often referred to as Chino Cone, the property lies to the north of Tramway Road and includes both the upper portion of the Canyon and the lower portion which is contiguous to the approximately 210 acres purchased by Friends in 2012, known as Angel Cove and Ship Rock.

"The Shadowrock purchase is an extremely important part of our efforts to preserve Chino Canyon and the surrounding mountains which create the magnificent scenic entryway to Palm Springs," said Nickie McLaughlin, chairperson.

photo credit: Tom Brewster

"I would like to thank the many public and private organizations that have helped to make this dream a reality, including the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the State Wildlife Conservation Board, and the prior landowner who helped to make our vision a reality.

My sincere appreciation and gratitude go to consultants Pete Dangermond and Karin Winters, who through their leadership and expertise, guided us through the very long and complicated processes needed to acquire the properties.

"The land was conserved with the support of various funding sources.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service provided federal funding authorized by section 6 of the federal Endangered Species Act, enabling the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to fund the acquisition of habitat for threatened and endangered species that live in Chino Canyon.

"The acquisition of these lands reflects the value of partnerships in helping a variety of species, including the endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep, sustain themselves into the future," said Mendel Stewart, Supervisor of the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office. "We look forward to working with
Friends of Palm Springs Mountains and our State partners on other important desert conservation projects."

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Executive Committee:
Jono Hildner, Chair


Joan Taylor


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